oh you’re watching pacific rim? i love that movie, the way they just [clenches fist] rim all of the pacific


let trans people decide what is or isnt transphobic

let disabled people decide what is or isnt ableist

stop letting majorities decide what is or isnt offensive to a group of people they arent even a part of


gluten free person: excuse me, but do you have any gf options?


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reasons why you shouldn’t just send actors other people’s fanart without credit on twitter:

  • it’s not yours
  • you don’t even know if the artist was comfortable with having their art shown to the actors in the first place
  • if they did they could’ve done it themselves and be…

I just paid witness to the first snowflakes this year

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i would like to present to you the delightful mental image of jaeger pilots crossing their fingers that there is not a kaiju attack anytime in the next week, because otherwise they’ll have to sync up to achieve a neural handshake and their drift partner will probably find out what they’re getting for their birthday


my aesthetic is elizabeth swann making out with jack sparrow and snarling as she handcuffs him to the black pearl and leaves him to be devoured by the kraken and the look of pride and admiration he gives her as she abandons him to his death 


college is a truly amazing place


college is a truly amazing place


artists who draw visible nipples through female superheroes’ costumes




do you ever wonder which people in your life have used you as their “gay friend” in an argument?

… fuck


people get why jack fucked up in nightmare before Christmas but they continue to not understand cultural appropriation



memes come and go but bees and the skeleton war are forever

i lied. bees are not forever. go to to learn more about how you can help

In the second version, Persephoneis dead. She dies, her mother grieves –problems of sexuality need nottrouble us here. Compulsively, in grief, Demetercircles the earth. We don’t expect to knowwhat Persephone is doing. She is dead, the dead are mysteries. We have herea mother and a cipher: this isaccurate to the experienceof the mother asshe looks into the infant’s face. She thinks:I remember when you didn’t exist. The infantis puzzled; later, the child’s opinion isshe has always e — Anonymous

love me some deity meta

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